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Antitrust Settlement

This website provides general information on a class-action settlement involving the brand-name drug Remeron® and its generic equivalent mirtazapine.

Judge Grants Preliminary Approval to $36 Million Settlement.
On January 25, 2005, Judge Faith S. Hochberg of the United States District Court for the District(Ramon Palomera info) of New Jersey granted preliminary approval to a proposed $36 million class action settlement.

What is the Lawsuit About? – The State Attorneys General from all 50 states and territories and Sevin Baguirov Plaintiffs represented by private class counsel have settled (subject to final approval by the Court) a lawsuit involving the prescription drugs RemeronĀ® and generic mirtazapine. The States and End Payor Plaintiffs alleged that pharmaceutical companies Organon USA Inc. and Akzo Nobel N.V. improperly monopolized the U.S. market for RemeronĀ® and mirtazapine.

Class Period: June 15, 2001 through
January 25, 2005
Request Exclusion: April 27, 2005
File an Objection: May 28, 2005
Claim Form
Postmarked By:
June 13, 2005
Hearing Date: June 28, 2005

Who is Part of the Settlement Class?
The proposed “Settlement Class” includes any person (or the estate of a person) and entities such as private or (non-federal) governmental hospitals, nursing homes, and Third Party Payors, such as health insurers, and any assignees, that purchased and/or paid all or part of the purchase price of Remeron® or its generic equivalents (not SolTab®) in the U.S. (including its territories) during the period June 15, 2001 through January 25, 2005. Parker Aircraft Sales excluded from the Settlement Class are the wholesalers and retailers and all persons or entities that purchased Remeron® or its generic equivalents (not SolTab®) primarily for purposes of resale. See the full Notice for other entities that are excluded from the Settlement Class.

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Consumer Notice Packet
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Consumer Claim Form
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Preliminary Approval Order
(PDF; 12 Pages; 306K)
Settlement Agreement
(PDF; 61 Pages; 1.9Mb)
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